Admission and selection criteria

There are certain characteristics that we look for in our students. It's our way of making sure that you are meant for Leangap and we are meant for you. Don't worry we're not expecting you to have everything solved already... We're looking for the next Steve Jobs in the making.

Take a look, we might be describing you!



You are very energetic, determined to be successful, and able to deal with new or difficult situations easily. You are fearless in pursuit of your goals and dreams while being strategic in your decisions.


Problem solver

A good problem solver can adapt easily. When confronted with a situation, you take on the challenge head on and work to find the best possible solution. You are able to set your emotions aside to identify a problem and solve it. You are resourceful, and full of surprises!


Success only comes when you are working together with others. With a collaborative effort, a big job can be completed in very little time. You take a no-ego approach, because you realize that the success of the team is your success too!



You're always eager to learn. Whether you are interested in coding, design, marketing, sales, hardware, leadership, etc. you know that having these skills will make the process, and life, easier for you.


Eight out of eight? Go ahead and apply today!

Leangap was one of the best summers of high school. I made lots of new friends and learnt how to create a business in a fun and engaging environment. I know these friends will stay for life and the lessons will help me in the future to create my own business.
five star review
— Iniya Muraari, 15
Leangap Class of 2019

Iniya currently studies at Wirral Grammar School for Girls in the UK. Cofounder of Internect, her interests include cyber security, UX/UI design and entrepreneurship. Iniya was a semifinalist of Technovation 2018 and a finalist in the Unilever Bright Stars program.

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“I made lots of new friends. I know these friends will stay for life and the lessons will help me in the future to create my own business.”

Christie N., Leangap Class of 2018

“I can't believe how we created a real tangible product that impacted very real people in the world in just a couple of weeks.”

Amelie G., Leangap Class of 2020

“One time, one of the mentors stayed up the entire night to help me code and build our prototype. Talk about commitment.”

Vish N., Leangap Class of 2017

“I learned things that I only could by actually building a business, stuff I wouldn't learn by attending 'entrepreneurship' classes”.

Sarah J., Leangap Class of 2018

“I came home with the start of a movement, incredible friends, and the knowledge/backing of an invaluable network of entrepreneurs.”

Swapnanil G., Leangap Class of 2015

“I've developed an invaluable network with entrepreneurs and executives that will set any kind of person up for success!”

Hannah Z., Leangap Class of 2018

“I was pushed above and beyond my limit and gave more than I thought I had in my arsenal for the sake of the company and my team.”

Andrew C., Leangap Class of 2017

“Leangap changes your life, not just your summer. What I created and experienced at Leangap played a big part to being admitted to Harvard.”

Aryan S., Leangap Class of 2021

“The mentors are easily some of the best people I've met in my life. We still keep in touch, and they still look out for us.”

Devesh P., Leangap Class of 2018
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