Launch a startup in one summer

While the vast majority of entrepreneurship programs for high school students only talk about ideas and validation, we take it one step further. We believe that only by building and selling can students truly learn the core fundamentals of entrepreneurship.


During the first week, student entrepreneurs will pitch ideas, form teams, validate business models, and create the first proof of concept of their products or services.

Yes, all of that in just the first week!


Teams will then create a minimum viable product with the guidance of our mentors and network.

They will then beta test with real customers and come back to the drawing board with their new learnings.


The ability to generate traction is what separates real startups from "projects". As soon as that first dollar hits your account, you have a company.

With the support of our mentors, students will get sales as soon as humanly possible.


On the last week, students will demo and pitch their company to a judging panel formed by investors, CEOs, technologists, and more.

Companies will be judged based on product-market fit, market size, traction, and pitching.

This is how a startup is born at Leangap

Join our growing community of entrepreneurs and leaders


Only 2 spots left as of today.

In light of worldwide events and in the interest of our students' safety, Leangap has made the decision to host our summer program online! Leangap Online will bring our renowned student experience and community directly to the safety and comfort of your home.

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