Launch a startup in one summer

While the vast majority of entrepreneurship programs for high school students only talk about ideas and validation, we take it one step further. We believe that only by building and selling can students truly learn the core fundamentals of entrepreneurship.


During the first week, student entrepreneurs will pitch ideas, form teams, validate business models, and create the first proof of concept of their products or services.

Yes, all of that in just the first week!


Teams will then create a minimum viable product with the guidance of our mentors and network.

They will then beta test with real customers and come back to the drawing board with their new learnings.


The ability to generate traction is what separates real startups from "projects". As soon as that first dollar hits your account, you have a company.

With the support of our mentors, students will get sales as soon as humanly possible.


On the last week, students will demo and pitch their company to a judging panel formed by investors, CEOs, technologists, and more.

Companies will be judged based on product-market fit, market size, traction, and pitching.

This is how a startup is born at Leangap


Your idea sounds great in your head, now you will put it to the test. You'll validate your core assumptions with real users and build an MVP — the Minimum Viable Product — with the help and guidance of our mentors.

PillDrops built a cardboard prototype as a proof-of-concept of their value proposition. After proving that their technology worked, they proceeded to build the final product that was gonna be sold to customers by using a combination of 3D printing, Arduinos, electronic components, and programming.

The product was a success with customers, who loved the simple and refined design of the product.


"Build it and they will come" is obsolete. To get your product or service out there you will need to do things that other teenagers won't have the courage to do. You will have Leangap's support backing you at every step.

After creating an MVP, CampusSelect began advertising their idea. To find potential customers, the team reached out to high school administrations, independent college counselors and summer programs designed for ambitious high school students. They worked tirelessly to connect with as many groups as possible to spread information about CampusSelect.

They were able to conduct over 50 CampusSelect calls, connecting students in over 10 different countries to undergraduates at colleges across the nation.

After Leangap, they participated in The Diamond Challenge, winning one ofthe top places in the competition.


This is what separates high school projects from actual companies — the ability to generate revenue. As soon as that first dollar hits your account, you have a company.

Crow created a web app to discover innovative products from Asia, helping Asian manufacturers market their product by providing them with personalized ads and creative assets.

During the program, not only did they manage to contact manufacturers and build the platform, but also managed to make actual sales. Due to Leangap's support, workshops, coaching, and the students' relentless drive, Crow was able to do it all in only 4 weeks.

The team scaled Crow to over $100K USD in revenue last year and is planning to hit $1,000,000 USD in sales soon.

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