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Do you aspire to become an entrepreneur?
Are you a looking for a chance to experience what it’s like to run a real startup?
School alone won't cut it.
Regular summer programs don't cut it.

Most summer programs just fill time.

But you are hungry for more - you want a real challenge that pushes you OUT of your comfort zone so you can discover your potential.

You know you're capable of great things, if only you had the right environment to thrive. Don't let another summer go to waste!

Leangap is for you if you wish to...

Teenagers give their honest review of the Leangap® program, frfr.


What you'll be learning and doing at Leangap

Week 1: validation

You will kickstart your journey with Leangap's fast-paced methods. You’ll get ready to break your limiting beliefs about entrepreneurship and what it means to be a high-school student!

Next, each student will pitch their idea, followed by a group vote to choose the top concepts. These winning ideas will form teams around them. With mentor support, teams will create a validated proof-of-concept based on the chosen ideas.

Week 2: Creation

Refine your idea and validate it. You will engage with potential users and customers using Leangap's battle-tested methodology. With these insights, it's time to build your company’s Minimum Viable Product with the guidance of Leangap's mentors.

You will learn Branding and Design to create a compelling offering for their customers and launch a captivating landing page, guided by acclaimed design and marketing experts as your mentors.

Week 3: Traction

The ability to generate traction is what separates real startups from mere projects.

You will enter the go-to-market phase: showcase your offering, refine sales, and gain traction. Leangap's support, including mentors and classmates, fuels this collective success. Discover effective marketing, closing sales, and creating compelling ads to reach and convert your market. Everyone will challenge their assumptions, whether introverted or extroverted.

Week 4: Pitching

Public speaking is a skill that everyone can benefit from, no matter your field of study. Your team will craft a story-driven pitch using Leangap's unique methods, preparing you to confidently present to investors and handle their questions.

Our alumni excel in public speaking and confidence, far surpassing others their age and graduates of other programs. You will develop a strong, confident voice to powerfully express yourself in any situation.

Demo Day

You did the work, now prove it and go claim the glory.

The teams will demo and pitch their company to a judging panel formed by Silicon Valley’s investors, CEOs, and technologists, in front of a public audience eager to see what you've been working on during the program.

Companies will be judged based on their product-market fit, market size, traction, and pitch.

One company will receive the coveted title of 'Most Outstanding Company' while another will be awarded the 'Best Pitch' title.

Extracurricular activities

Between classes, our programs are a non-stop adventure! We've got recreational activities tailored for each program, as well as mental health sessions with a licensed therapist to support our students throughout their journey.

San Francisco

Team Challenges

Teamwork is something special in our program. We host amazing team competitions, challenging teams to earn rewards to improve their startups.

These high-pressure challenges push communication, strategy, and bonding in both real and virtual worlds. Students leave with tighter connections, sharper thinking, and great memories.

San Francisco


Students in our San Francisco program explore iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, shop at Pier 39, and enjoy incredible adventure parks.

Students are immersed in the vibrant culture and scenery, creating lifelong memories at famous attractions.


Game Nights

Our online program builds meaningful connections fun Game Nights. Students bond over video games, movie watching parties, escape rooms, karaoke, drawing games, and more, tailored for online fun.

By summer's end, students feel as close as if they went to school together every day. Game Night is where online friendships are born.

San Francisco

Mental Health

Teen mental health is a top priority in our program. We’ve integrated weekly therapy sessions and on-demand 1:1 meetings with our in-house psychotherapist. Students unload their worries, build resilience, self-confidence and learn healthy coping strategies to take on life’s challenges.

Our judgment-free space allows teens to open up and get the tools they need to thrive during, and after the summer.

With Leangap® you grow into your best version

The Leangap Experience is one of the most impactful things you can do as a teenager — starting and launching your own company. This does not go unnoticed by College Admission Officers, Recruiters, Scholarships Officials, Companies, etc.

Since Leangap started 9 years ago, hundreds of alumni have grown into successful startup founders, venture capitalists, prominent community leaders, outstanding business men and women, brilliant students at Ivy League colleges, remarkable interns at top tech companies, and more.

Leangap Class of 2019
Angela Q., Leangap Class of 2015
82% intern at major tech companies.
65% get admitted to top-rated colleges.

Our staff has the highest standards and expertise

Mentors and students are supported by a team of passionate and committed staff members with multiple years of experience as real entrepreneurs, engineers, marketers, designers, psychologists, and camp counselors, who are always there to bring out the absolute best in your teen. When you're at Leangap, you're in the safe, capable hands of our staff.


Co-founder at Discovr Labs, Forbes 30 under 30, Thiel Fellow. She has an EdTech background having previously founded an educational nonprofit. Former research associate at CalTech.


While in college, Kaeya got a deal on ABC’s “Shark Tank” with a prototype for her first product, BZbox. She is now the founder of a venture-backed startup disrupting e-commerce.


Sadok is a TEDx speaker and one of FastCompany Magazine's "Most Innovative People". He also received the Best Mobile Innovation award at the Mobile World Congress.


Oliy started at 15, which he has grown to over 6 million monthly users. He continues to develop the platform today and advises multiple companies for tech and investment needs.


More than staff members, your partners

Our staff is here for you. Each one of our staff members has their own expertise and will be available to help you throughout the day.

Want to get some specific details on career coaching, college, or life in general? Even if it's an existential crisis, don't hesitate to count on our staff. We know that success takes time and that mistakes are only part of the process.

Rigorous vetting process

We get the best of our students, and we owe our students the best of us! That's why not only do we have exceptional mentors, but we also gather the best staff.

  • Key staff members are certified in Cardiovascular Life Support (CPR and emergencies) by the American Heart Association.
  • Background and reference checks.
  • Adult-age mentors with relevant experience.

Take a look inside Leangap

Girl Edition — Janet!

Boy Edition — Vik!

Program locations Leangap® '24


last seats! 🔥

sold out 🥺

Join from anywhere
Start date:
June 17, 2024
end date:
July 12, 2024
4 weeks (with 2 weeks of early prep)
Classes 8:00am to 11:00am PST. Teamwork on your schedule.

Are you looking for a way to get into the startup world? You are no longer alone in this journey. Join us from anywhere!

  • 🎓 Curriculum taught by experienced entrepreneurs
  • 🤝 Mentorship by entrepreneurs in all timezones
  • 🎉 Group recreational activities
  • 👥 Join from anywhere
  • 🌍 Internationally renowned speakers
  • ⏰ Flexible schedule

San Francisco

last seats! 🔥

sold out 🥺

Hosted at UC Berkeley
Start date:
July 15, 2024
end date:
August 9, 2024
4 weeks
Full time in-person program in San Francisco, hosted at UC Berkeley.

Join ambitious teenagers from all over the world in Silicon Valley, while experiencing campus life.

  • 🎓 Curriculum taught by experienced entrepreneurs
  • 🏠 Housing in San Francisco
  • 🍽️ All meals, including vegetarian options
  • 🏫 Classes in a top college campus
  • 🎉 Group recreational activities in the city
  • 🚗 Airport pick-up and drop-off

Past classes, present leaders, future you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Leangap apart from other entrepreneurship programs?
How much is tuition and what does it cover?
What is the expected commitment for the online program?
Do you provide financial aid?
Can I switch programs if I already paid my tuition?
How long has leangap been running?
When did Leangap start?
Is there a refund policy for tuition and fees?
Do students need any prior experience with business or coding to participate in the program?

For more answered questions, head over to the complete FAQ page.

I hesitated between Leangap and the Babson Summer Study. I went with Leangap because they promised me one thing: I would be able to start a company and be an entrepreneur. On the day we made our first sale, Leangap delivered on its promise.
five star review
— Taiki Honda, 17
Leangap Class of 2017

Currently a Bioengineering student at Northeastern University, Taiki's interests lie in entrepreneurship and the startup community. He interned at the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, one of the top accelerators on the East Coast.

Join Leangap® '24 online or in-person, you choose.

Leangap® Online brings the startup experience to your home anywhere in the world. Leangap® San Francisco puts you in the middle of Silicon Valley. Limited to 40 seats for each program. Apply now!

“I learned things that I only could by actually building a business, stuff I wouldn't learn by attending 'entrepreneurship' classes”.

Sarah J., Leangap Class of 2018

“One time, one of the mentors stayed up the entire night to help me code and build our prototype. Talk about commitment.”

Vish N., Leangap Class of 2017

“Leangap changes your life, not just your summer. What I created and experienced at Leangap played a big part to being admitted to Harvard.”

Aryan S., Leangap Class of 2021

“The mentors are easily some of the best people I've met in my life. We still keep in touch, and they still look out for us.”

Devesh P., Leangap Class of 2018

“I made lots of new friends. I know these friends will stay for life and the lessons will help me in the future to create my own business.”

Christie N., Leangap Class of 2018

“I was pushed above and beyond my limit and gave more than I thought I had in my arsenal for the sake of the company and my team.”

Andrew C., Leangap Class of 2017

“I came home with the start of a movement, incredible friends, and the knowledge/backing of an invaluable network of entrepreneurs.”

Swapnanil G., Leangap Class of 2015

“I've developed an invaluable network with entrepreneurs and executives that will set any kind of person up for success!”

Hannah Z., Leangap Class of 2018

“I can't believe how we created a real tangible product that impacted very real people in the world in just a couple of weeks.”

Amelie G., Leangap Class of 2020
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