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Leangap® One™ provides personalized one-on-one mentoring from successful entrepreneurs and technologists to help teenagers get ahead in life. Our mentors are experienced entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping young people succeed.

We give you the tools and resources you need to get ahead and make the most of your high school years.

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Our mentors are experienced entrepreneurs who know what it takes to be successful. They'll share their knowledge and advice, and help you figure out what you need to do to achieve your goals.

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Gillian began her entrepreneurship journey during her time at NYU, where she studied undergrad while interning and consulting with various startups. Upon graduation, she took a marketing role with a boutique fashion brand before deciding to leave to start her own business. The startup, Cherry, was admitted to Y Combinator and raised around $1M in total funding before eventually closing down at the onset of the pandemic. Gillian went on to become the Chief of Staff at YC S19 company, Dover, before taking her current role as Founder-in-Residence at (a bookkeeping startup valued at over 1B).

Gillian is an expert in storytelling — using the close down of her company to propel her forward into bigger and better roles. Along the way, she's been written about in Forbes, invited to speak at universities like UC Berkeley and UC San Diego, and hired as a guest lecturer at On Deck, Plug and Play, Free Ventures, and more. Her essays on her founder journey have amassed 10s of thousands of views.

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Work with
  • 🎓 College admissions and support
  • 📜 Write your personal story
  • 🗣️ Public speaking with confidence
  • ✍️ Essay coaching / edit / review
  • 💼 Mock interview prep and coaching
  • 👓 Personal brand
  • 🤑 Fundraising capital
  • 🏦 Business-to-Business
  • 🏢 Career coaching and first jobs during college
  • 💰 Finding your first internship
Available for mentorship

If you've ever used the internet, chances are you have seen or used something that Sadok has worked on.

Sadok Cervantes is one of FastCompany's "Most Innovative People". He received the Best Mobile Innovation award during the Mobile World Congress in 2020 for creating one of the world's most innovative social good apps.

He has led Product teams for iconic brands such as Wikipedia, Lufthansa, Allianz, TripAdvisor, and The MIT Media Lab, increasing their success metrics and user satisfaction through user research, user testing, branding, visual design, prototyping, A/B testing, and coding. Sadok also serves as an Instructor, Mentor, and Career Coach at several schools like the Interaction Design Foundation, DesignLab, CareerFoundry, and Springboard, where he has helped hundreds of students to be successful in the tech industry.

He has shared his experience, knowledge, and ideas in speaking events like TEDx and conferences in Australia, USA, Mexico, Austria, and online.

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Work with
  • 📈 Startup mentorship
  • 👥 User research
  • 🎨 Product design
  • 😃 Mental health
  • 🗣️ Pitching and public speaking
  • ✍️ Storytelling
  • 💼 Portfolio review
  • 🤑 Sales
  • 📱 Business-to-Consumer
  • 🏢 Career coaching
Leangap was one of the best summers of high school. I made lots of new friends and learnt how to create a business in a fun and engaging environment. I know these friends will stay for life and the lessons will help me in the future to create my own business.
five star review
— Iniya Muraari, 15
Leangap Class of 2019

Iniya currently studies at Wirral Grammar School for Girls in the UK. Cofounder of Internect, her interests include cyber security, UX/UI design and entrepreneurship. Iniya was a semifinalist of Technovation 2018 and a finalist in the Unilever Bright Stars program.

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“Leangap changes your life, not just your summer. What I created and experienced at Leangap played a big part to being admitted to Harvard.”

Aryan S., Leangap Class of 2021

“The mentors are easily some of the best people I've met in my life. We still keep in touch, and they still look out for us.”

Devesh P., Leangap Class of 2018

“I can't believe how we created a real tangible product that impacted very real people in the world in just a couple of weeks.”

Amelie G., Leangap Class of 2020

“I was pushed above and beyond my limit and gave more than I thought I had in my arsenal for the sake of the company and my team.”

Andrew C., Leangap Class of 2017

“One time, one of the mentors stayed up the entire night to help me code and build our prototype. Talk about commitment.”

Vish N., Leangap Class of 2017

“I've developed an invaluable network with entrepreneurs and executives that will set any kind of person up for success!”

Hannah Z., Leangap Class of 2018

“I learned things that I only could by actually building a business, stuff I wouldn't learn by attending 'entrepreneurship' classes”.

Sarah J., Leangap Class of 2018

“I came home with the start of a movement, incredible friends, and the knowledge/backing of an invaluable network of entrepreneurs.”

Swapnanil G., Leangap Class of 2015

“I made lots of new friends. I know these friends will stay for life and the lessons will help me in the future to create my own business.”

Christie N., Leangap Class of 2018
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