Is Leangap Worth It?

Is Leangap Worth It?
Join 10,000+ entrepreneurs and startup-builders getting ahead of the game.
Join 10,000+ entrepreneurs getting ahead.

Real-World Experience

Leangap is execution and results-based. You don’t rely on textbook case studies; instead, you go out and learn by doing. We believe that the best learning comes by interacting in the real world, talking to customers, and solving problems for their needs. By doing this, you learn more about yourself and get hands-on with creating a functional product.

Our cohort is typically around 35 students, with a student-mentor ratio of 4:1, meaning you get individualized and tailored attention from people who have made it in the real world.

Students ideate and pitch in the first week and start building their MVPs (minimum viable product) and begin testing with customers in just the second week, while other programs delay this process until the 5th week. The lean startup cycle is compressed into these three stages; finding your problem/solution fit, executing your business idea, and then emphasizing growth/validation.

Leangap Class of 2015

You pitch in front of real investors and CEOs who can help take your company to the next level on pitch-day. Also, Leangap will help fund your startup if traction continues to grow in the following months after the program.

After the camp, you’ll have obtained work experience, which will make you stand out in college applications and future job applications as a young co-founder with a product that recruiters can actually purchase or use.

Alumni & Mentor Network


Over 250 students have created startups of their own in the last seven years and gone through our process. Some have continued their startups, and even moved onto new startups, or now in incubators such as Y-combinator (notable Y-combinator companies include Airbnb, DoorDash, Twitch, Reddit, & Coinbase). Others have stuck to more traditional routes, getting admitted to top-ranked colleges and then leveraging our network to land major internships.

What makes our alumni network unique and elite is the willingness to help out. Our alumni share the same deep-rooted experiences. The ups and downs of traction. The late nights from working on your MVP. The butterflies on pitch-day. We’ve all been there, so we’re more than willing to help out.


Our mentors are creators, doers, and dreamers. From CEOs Shark Tank alumni to FAANG engineers, our mentors share their real-world experience with students and are the “secret sauce” to our program.

They’ve all made their mark in the industry and are more than willing to share their network to connect you with the missing piece to make your startup succeed.

Build hard and soft skills

Hard skills are essential and can most quickly be learned through relentless execution. Want to learn how to code? Go out a build a website. Want to get better at marketing? Put out Facebook and Google ads, and experiment with what works and want doesn’t. Want to communicate better? Pitch in front of an audience of fifty.

Hard skills are needed to build a product, but soft skills are equally or even more important.

Soft skills can’t be learned in a classroom setting. They’re interpersonal skills such as leadership, persuasion, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management. Year over year, employers have increasingly looked at applicants’ soft skills, as hard skills can more easily be learned in the traditional sense.

At Leangap, you learn how to lead others in a team, persuade others of your ideas and viewpoints, problem-solve when building your product, and much more. You learn invaluable skills that will carry on with you for the rest of your working life. Mastering soft skills at an early age will set you years ahead of your peers, further distinguishing yourself and making you stand out.

Join from anywhere

Leangap offers two cohorts, in-person or remote. The great thing about Leangap is that being remote did not have any downsides—companies actually achieved higher-than-average results, and everyone built life-long friendships. Or choose in-person, where in San Francisco, the heart of tech innovation throughout the world, you can engage with the startup ecosystem and talk with customers in real life. We offer the flexibility that works with your schedule and preferences.

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