Best No-code Tools to Build Your MVP in 3 Days

Best No-code Tools to Build Your MVP in 3 Days
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You don't need a full-time engineering staff to run your startup. No-code solutions allow you to quickly launch your company. Today, we'll go through the top no-code tools for developing your MVP, from building your app to databases and analytics to automation and finally customer relationship management tools.

Create your MVP

Let's start with no-code tools for creating your mobile application or product. - Create an app without code

Bubble is the best way to build web apps without code. Bubble lets you create interactive, multi-user apps for desktop and mobile web browsers, including all the features you need to build a site like Facebook or Airbnb.

Thunkable - No-code native apps

Thunkable is an app development platform that allows users to build native mobile apps using HTML/CSS and JavaScript, without having to write any code in Java or Kotlin (for Android) or Swift or Objective C (for iOS). It’s free too!

Mobile phones generated over 60% of website traffic in 2022, so having a guide for building a mobile app is incredibly useful.

Peaka - Powerful responsive web applications

Peaka is the go-to solution for building powerful responsive web applications. Code your first app in minutes, without a single line of code. You can also use Peaka to create custom integrations and automate workflows.

Uizard - Turn your prototypes to functioning apps through AI

Uizard is an AI-powered platform for turning sketches into fully functional prototypes for web or mobile apps – without any coding required. Simply import your sketch, choose the features you want to include, and let Uizard take care of the rest!

Scapic - Create AR & VR experiences

Scapic is the simplest way to create augmented reality and VR experiences.  With no coding required, you can quickly create and share immersive experiences with your team or customers.

Webflow - The best no-code website builder

Webflow is a no-code tool for building websites and apps. Webflow is the top drag-and-drop website builder for creating custom responsive websites. The CMS allows you to build custom database elements such as articles, blog posts, or products with the visual website builder. With the visual web design tools, you can also create customer journeys from signups to payments without writing any code! You don’t need to be a designer either; use one of their starter templates for your startup’s website or app.

These are just a few of the best no-code creation tools available today – there are plenty more out there waiting to be discovered! So if you’re looking to start building your MVP without any coding experience, these tools should give you a good starting point.


Databases are the heart of the startup world. Almost every startup will need a database to store their data, and there are plenty of no-code options to choose from.

Airtable - A versatile blazing fast database solution

Airtable is used by many startups as an all-in-one spreadsheet and database solution. It has powerful built-in sorting functions that allow you to sort through millions of rows in seconds.

Memberstack - Easily add membership functionality to your MVP

Memberstacks allows you to build logins and recurring memberships on any website. It integrates seamlessly with Webflow and other no-code tools.

Airtable and Memberstack are all good options if you want to create a startup without coding knowledge or experience. Each tool comes with its pros and cons — try them all out before deciding which one works best for your startup idea!


Analytics are important because it helps you to see how your startup is progressing and whether there need to be any changes made. - AI analytics on your product

Obviously gives ML-driven information about what is and isn't working on your website.

Hotjar - Complete analytics on your website

Hotjar offers heatmaps, conversion funnels, form analytics, feedback polls and surveys, and session recordings so you can see how people are using your site.

Mixpanel - See how customers interact with your product

Mixpanel is used to track how users interact with your startup's product. Use data to improve your product.

Google Analytics - Easy plug and play analytics by the OG of web analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics platforms in the world, offering insights into how people are using your startup's product.


Think of automation as the nervous system to your startup's operation. It's what helps keep everything running smoothly and eliminates the need for manual labor. It saves you both time and money. Automating different tasks in your startup can save you energy and time. Here are some great no-code solutions to get you started:

Zapier - Automate anything with a simple GUI

Zapier is a tool that lets you connect different services so that when something happens in one service, it triggers an action in another service. Zapier connects with thousands of apps across the web to automate your startup's tasks. Zapier allows you to bring apps like Memberstack and Webflow together.

Integromat - Powerful web automation

Integromat, similar to Zapier, lets you connect apps around the web, but offers deeper automation than Zapier (however this comes with a bit of a steeper learning curve).  Integromat has a library of pre-made integrations and connectors for common services, so you can get started quickly. - Automation in minutes

Connect all the web apps you use in your startup, then build “robots.” lets you build a startup’s workflows in minutes, with no coding required.

Customer relationships

Having strong customer relationships is key to any startup’s success, and luckily there are a number of no-code tools out there that can help.

Helpjuice - Create comprehensive knowledge bases

Helpjuice is the top-rated knowledge base software.  It’s easy to use and helps you build a great customer support experience.

MailChimp - Keep up with your customers

Follow up with your customers with Mailchimp.  It’s easy to set up and lets you create newsletters, automated emails, and targeted ads.

Tally - Capture customer feedback with simple and easy forms

Tally offers itself as the next evolution to creating forms. Quickly capture customer feedback with their intuitive form system that works like a doc.

Notion - The ultimate team-management and CRM tool

Notion is the ultimate tool that blends everything together. It's the best tool for team management and has practically unlimited capability. Notion fits your needs and can work as your go-to CRM solution.

In summary

In conclusion, no-code tools for startup founders are a great way to focus on what matters most for your startup, like marketing and product design.

With these no-code tools, you’ll be able to create an MVP without learning any programming skills or hiring developers. You'll have the option to upgrade later if you need more advanced options, but by then, your startup will have generated traction to hire developers.

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