This Guide is What You Need to Find an Inviting Name for your Educational Business

This Guide is What You Need to Find an Inviting Name for your Educational Business
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Education is one important gift any parent or guardian can give their children. And that's because an excellent education plays a pivotal role in shaping the child’s future and that of the nation.

Seeing how the educational sector is heavily regulated and getting more expensive daily, lots of folks are beginning to realize that the industry is overdue for disruption. And countless tech-savvy student entrepreneurs like you are ready to disrupt the industry.

Whether you plan on designing a groundbreaking educational platform like Udemy or Skillshare, you must be able to convince your core audience of your credibility, leadership, and high standards.

Finding a compelling brand name is the most reliable way to do that. And we'll be showing you how to do that.

Come with us.

Three Reliable Tips to Help You Name Your Educational Startup

Teenager brainstorming ideas.

1.   Determine Your Company's Area and Niche

Your brand's identity is the most crucial component of your educational business—after the quality services you provide. Crafting a compelling identity like SkillShare will affect how your customers relate to your business.

Some of the most vital elements you must consider while building your brand are knowing who your brand is, what it stands for, who it is to your customers, and how it stands out from your competitors.

You must also devote time to crafting a compelling brand tone and knowing the emotions you want your business to evoke from customers.

Take a moment to consider the clothing brand Nike. First, the brand's name communicates a modern, stylish, and vibrant tone. However, using the same name for your educational startup, which has a separate brand identity, would be unsuitable since it would not effectively describe the personality of your business, what you do, or how you want your customers to perceive you.

Instead, follow Skillcrush and Coursera’s path and pick a clear, simple name that communicates a modern and vibrant tone.


2.   Start Gathering Brilliant Name Ideas

This is the part where you engage your creativity and start gathering compelling names! If you have a naming team or a group of persons you believe can assist you in the process, get them together in one space, and provide a whiteboard, markers, a notepad, and treats to boost their spirits.

Tell them about your brand’s identity and what you’re building, and encourage them to brainstorm any word that captures the essence of your business.

Remember that critiquing the names your naming team generates during the brainstorming session could kill the flow. So, focus on coming up with as many short, catchy names for your educational company that—to the greatest extent possible—captures the essence of your company.

Here are some tools to enhance your creativity:

●     Use a thesaurus

●     Search for visual/color-related words

●     Use educational slangs

●     Use a brand name generator

Try to come up with as many as 200 intriguing names at the conclusion of your brainstorming session. By doing this, you'll have a sizable enough selection of names to choose from when it comes time to select the names that correctly express the identity and personality of your educational business.

3.   Verify Your Names

You can expect that the top name(s) from the lengthy list of potential names you've brainstormed is the outstanding business name you've been searching for!

However, there are a few requirements that your chosen name must fulfill before it can be utilized as your business name. And the simplest method to discover whether your chosen company name is suitable for your organization is to validate it.

Your business name can be validated by:

●      Getting Feedback From Your Target Audience: This is perhaps the most important test as it will reveal whether or not your name will connect with your target market.

Ensure you show a small sample of your target audience your top three names and ask them to pick their favorite one. Also, be sure to seek out frank criticism from friends, family members, or even total strangers.

●     Checking for a ‘.com’ Domain: Your educational business cannot thrive in its industry unless it has a relevant domain name and an effective website. Make sure that any names you consider have usable social media accounts and a .com domain.

●     Trademarking: Registering your business name as a trademark with the USPTO will help you avoid legal problems concerning your business name.

For most new and even experienced business owners, trademark registration can be challenging and time-consuming. You'd benefit from the assistance of a knowledgeable trademark attorney.



In order to surpass the competition, your business requires a great brand name since it boosts brand performance and exposure. So, it would be best if you choose a company name that accurately captures the essence of your educational brand to attract new clients. And we're thrilled we could be of assistance.

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